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Grade 12 Program

Participating Schools

U.S. public high schools in various parts of the country, urban, suburban and rural.

Length of Study

One school year

Home Stays

Each student will reside with a host family living in the school district. Usually, the family will have a son or daughter attending the school that the Chinese student will also attend. Students will have the opportunity to interact as part of the family.

School Coordinator

A staff member at each school (paid by iNECS) will coordinate the program within the school and will be available to assist the Chinese students with school matters.

Local Area Coordinator

Each state will have an area coordinator (paid by iNECS) to assist the school and host families and to coordinate activities that might be offered to all students in the program in that state.

College Preparation and Application

High school counselors will assist Chinese students to choose courses in preparation for college application and provide the same services offered to American students in the application process.

Pre-College Testing

The American high school will inform students about testing times and places for such tests as the TOEFL, SAT, And ACT. Extra study specifically designed for the tests will be available - sometimes at extra cost - through test-prep services.


Students who participate in the program will provide their Chinese high school transcripts to the American high school. The American high school will accept these credits according to the system used by that school district. Students who complete the state's graduation requirements during their 12th grade year will receive a diploma and participate in the school's graduation ceremony.