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About Our Online Program

ASA (American Standard Academy) began from our desire to offer Chinese students an educational experience that would prepare them well for what they would do in the future. Many of these young people will eventually continue their study in American Colleges and Universities.


Because it is very difficult to find qualified American teachers in China, we chose to look for alternatives. Technology makes it possible to create one classroom with the teacher in the U.S. and the students in a Chinese classroom with an assisting teacher. Our first class was held in 2014. Today there are about 30 online classrooms around China.

We provide classes in ESL/ELL for students of all ages through high school. We also provide academic subjects including Language Arts, Social Studies and Biology. The classes we offer follow American teaching methods which are quite different from the Chinese model. Our students enjoy this change and become better prepared for future study.

In China, parents are eager for excellent educational opportunities for their children. Through real-time distance learning, we hope to provide those opportunities.