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Requirements for host families
  1. Have one parent in the family who is at least 30 years of age be the student’s guardian.
  2. Supervise the student just as they would their own child.
  3. Provide a room, meals and a stable family environment (except lunch if the student decides to purchase lunch at school).
  4. Students must have their own bed, and can only share a room with another child of the same gender and approximate age.
  5. Arrange a quiet place for study.
  6. Include the student in most family outings, holiday celebrations, and other community and cultural activities
  7. Share the family chores as for other children in the household.
  8. Provide or assist in arranging transportation to school events and activities.
  9. Assist the student in making any necessary medical appointments and provide transportation to and from the clinic or other medical facility. (The student will have health insurance. There will be no cost to the host family.)
  10. If requested, assist the student to open a local bank account for money received from parents in China.
  11. Notify the School Coordinator and the Local Area Coordinator if problems arise that cannot be resolved within the host family setting.
  12. Notify the School Coordinator and the Local Area Coordinator immediately if the student leaves the home.
Rules for students
  1. Students are expected to comply with all school rules as outlined in the school Student Handbook.
  2. School attendance is mandatory and is a requirement of the F-1 visa.
  3. Drinking of alcoholic beverages and the use of illegal drugs are prohibited. A description and listing of all prescription medications must be provided to host families upon arrival.
  4. The use and possession of all tobacco products is prohibited on the school campus. Smoking is not permitted.
  5. Driving automobiles or any motorized vehicles is not allowed.
  6. Students must comply with all host family regulations (curfews, chores, etc.).
  7. While enrolled as an I-20 student, all students are under the jurisdiction of local, state and federal laws and must obey all governmental laws.
  8. Students are not permitted to travel independently during their enrollment regardless of age. Travel is permitted only if accompanied by an approved adult or with an organized group. and with permission of the host family. Long trips may require consent of the student’s Chinese parents.
  9. If for any reason, the student plans to exit the United States, the student must request a new travel I-20 from the school district and it must be received before the student leaves the U.S.
  10. Students are discouraged from borrowing money from host family members. It is recommended that students open a local bank account or use a credit card for their purchases.
  11. Students are expected to speak English in the home.
  12. If a student leaves the assigned home, the student will be responsible for all expenses incurred.
Length of home stay
  1. A host family’s agreement to host a student is for one academic year.
  2. Students and host families are encouraged first to attempt to resolve disagreements directly with one another. The Local Area Coordinator is available to assist if needed.
  3. Students in violation of home stay rules may be asked by the family to leave the home and to find alternative living arrangements. The family should immediately inform the School and Local Area Coordinators. The student is then responsible for any charges incurred in securing subsequent arrangements under the direction of the Local Area Coordinator. Difficulty in securing suitable arrangements may result in the student having to return to his/her home country and the consequential termination of the F-1 visa.
  4. Alternative home stay placements may be caused by one of the following:
    1. The host family is unable to continue hosting the student due to family circumstances not caused by the student,
    2. Student disciplinary problems or ongoing behavioral problems,
    3. Other reasons deemed plausible by the Local Area Coordinator.
  5. The pro-rated portion of the housing stipend will be forwarded to the student’s new host family.



The stipend for supporting students’ will be transferred to the host families at the start of each semester.
Disciplinary Action
In the event that a student must be removed from a home stay for disciplinary reasons, he/she will be placed with a temporary host family. During that time, arrangements will be finalized either for the student to live with a new host family or to return home permanently. Violation of these and other rules outlined in the Student Handbook may result in the immediate and permanent dismissal of the student from the program. The school also reserves the right to terminate a student’s F-1 visa if the student’s physical or mental health is deemed to be at risk.

I have read this agreement and will abide by these policies.

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