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Host Family Program


The following information is provided for American families interested in hosting Chinese students through the exchange program offered by iNECS (International Education Connections and Solutions), an organization promoting U.S. study for Chinese students in American public high schools.

The Program

  • Each Chinese student will study for one school year in an American public high school.
  • The Chinese family will pay tuition as requested by the public high school.
  • During the one-year study time, each student will live with a local host family, usually a family with a student in the school.
  • Each host family will receive a significant stipend as support for the student while in the U.S. The stipend will come from the Chinese parents and will be paid in several installments beginning when the student arrives.
  • The host family will provide a comfortable living environment for the exchange student that will give her/him the experience of one family's American life.
  • The exchange student will have agreed to abide by the rules set out in their application agreement and is expected to be a positive part of the family during her/his stay.
  • A local area coordinator will be designated for each participating school. That person (in addition to the school coordinator) will be a resource for host families as needed.

Requesting a student

Your local high school will contact you (or you can contact the high school) seeking families to house students for the next school year.

You may also email Linda Nelson at