JavaScript Tree Menu

Web File Browser - ASP Edition

The folders and files you are seeing on the left are dynamically being fetched from a hard drive.

Highly-configurable ASP source code (server-side):

  • Point to any base path (with the right read permissions) and the ASP code will recursively read the names of files and folders inside that path;
  • Select the file types - extensions - that you want to include in the tree and filter out the ones you don't;
  • Change or add icons to the existing ones:
  • Optionally exclude from the tree system-related IIS virtual directories (the ones that start with an underscore.)
Highly-configurable Treeview JavaScript code (client-side):
  • Frameless or frame-based layouts
  • Pick the target to load the file into: new window, right frame of a framed layout, current window
  • Highlight last loaded file in tree
  • Make long file names wrap into multiple lines in the tree
  • Preserve the state of the tree (expand/collapse state of folders and node highlight) across reloads.
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Check also the PHP version: Web File Browser - PHP Edition.

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