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iNECS – International Education Connection and Solutions, Inc.

Providing exchange opportunities for Chinese and American students
Developing cooperative programs between American and Chinese high schools since 2007


In 2007, iNECS staff cooperated with the University of Minnesota to develop the American Education Oriented Program that combines the traditional Chinese high school curriculum with American Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The purpose of the program is to better prepare Chinese students for success in U.S. colleges and universities. Hundreds of students have now completed this program and continued with their post-secondary education in the U.S.

As the Advanced Placement program was very new to China, iNECS staff cooperated with the College Board to introduce AP teaching courses and methods. The first AP conference was held in 2010. Educators from all parts of China attended two-days of sessions and demonstration classes. As interest in AP has grown steadily from that time, iNECS continues to develop relationships with highly regarded Chinese public high schools.

For the past few years, iNECS has focused on building a connection between American and Chinese public high schools. This goal has grown naturally from our previous activities. Chinese families see the benefits of American educational methods and American families see the benefits of connecting their students with another important world culture.

iNECS is now facilitating exchanges between American public high schools and high schools in many Chinese cities and provinces. Today, there is a great demand for Chinese students to study in American high schools and a growing demand from American families for their students to experience China first hand.