Application Process for Chinese Students

  1. Students provide a verifiable TOEFL score or take the SLEP and earn a score of 48 or higher.
  2. Students participate in an interview process to determine their English communication skills.
  3. Qualified Students select a school and complete the pre-application form.
  4. INECS communicates with the school about the exchange candidate.
  5. Students provide transcripts, and at least two recommendation letters from teachers.
  6. American high schools receive all of the application documents.
  7. American high schools send acceptance letters to iNECS.
  8. American high schools identify host families.
  9. INECS sends acceptance letters to students.
  10. Students’ parents pay the tuition directly to the high school.
  11. Schools send the I-20 Form to INECS and INECS sends the form to the students.
  12. Students begin to prepare for the visa interview.
  13. Students participate in the iNECS summer preparation program.
  14. Students communicate with the host family via email or Skype.
  15. Students arrange transportation to the U.S.